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Attorney Sronce - Experienced in all stages of DCFS cases. 

Comprehensive representation during any stage of a DCFS case may include appealing indicated findings of neglect or abuse, negotiating a safety plan prior to removal by DCFS, contesting the issues at a shelter care hearing, defending adjudications on the underlying allegations of neglect, abuse or dependency, and defending against a motion for termination of parental rights, unfitness or best interests.  Call attorney Sronce to understand your right and options.  

Increase Visitation 

If your children have been removed by DCFS, the level of visitation will be controlled by the agency that is assigned your case. Often times, there are compelling reasons including the age of the children and the bond they have with their parents that merits increasing visitation. 

Relative Placement 

If DCFS takes protective custody of your children, you need to provide the names, addresses, and any contact information of relatives that could pass a background check that are willing to and able to care for your children on a temporary basis. Otherwise, traditional (non-relative) foster care will be the option for placement. 

Safety Plans 

In many cases, removal can be prevented with a comprehensive plan to ensure the children remain safe. Simply put, this is a contract that you sign with DCFS to prevent the removal. Understand the terms of any plan in place and follow it. 

Shelter Care Hearings

If your children are removed, you have a right to a hearing in front of a judge to determine if there is both probable cause to believe the allegations and also to determine if there is an immediate and urgent necessity to place the children in the temporary custody and guardianship of DCFS.  

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DCFS Defense Lawyer Greg Sronce practices in Springfield, Illinois. 

DCFS cases are complicated and the consequences can be devastating.  

When your children are removed from your care based on a DCFS investigation, you will be notified of your rights to an attorney. If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you. If you can afford a lawyer, it is important to seek experienced counsel. 

The first courtroom proceeding of any DCFS case is called a Shelter Care Hearing. You can request a continuance from the judge letting him or her know that you would like time to seek and retain counsel to represent you.  If you do seek additional time, however, your children will remain in the temporary custody and guardianship of DCFS until the Judge can determine if shelter care is appropriate. If you have family available to provide placement for your children you should explain that to the judge and any representatives from DCFS that may be present.  Those family members should be investigated by DCFS for potential placement. Per DCFS policy, relative and sibling placement is preferred rather than traditional non-relative placement. 

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