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Attorney Sronce has litigation and trial experience at every stage of contested DCFS cases. 

Attorney Sronce is both a private attorney that maintains a practice in Sangamon County, Illinois, and he is also appointed by the Court to represent respondent mothers and fathers in DCFS cases including all stages from Shelter Care to Termination of Parental Rights. In some cases, criminal allegations lead to the removal of children and parents may also be facing criminal charges as well as a DCFS case. Attorney Sronce is uniquely qualified and positioned to provide comprehensive representation in both the criminal proceeding and the DCFS case.  In addition, indicated findings of neglect or abuse may impact your employment. Attorney Sronce can assist you in the litigated process of attempting to remove your case from the State Central Register.  Finally, Attorney Sronce is appointed by the Court to serve as GAL or Guardian Ad Litem in DCFS cases to represent the best interests of children that are alleged to be abused or neglected. Naturally, if attorney Sronce is already appointed to represent a parent or child in your case, he will not be able to speak to you. It is important to contact a lawyer early as these proceedings move quickly. 

Attorney Greg W. sronce